Focus on Agency Debit Memos Course

What better idea than developing a course that can help the travel professional to understand fares in the way that Agency Debit Memos can be minimised?

Objectives for Focus on Agency Debit Memos

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Interpret and take the appropriate action with respect to airline ticketing deadlines and the Amadeus fares guarantee
  • Interpret and apply penalty restrictions and charges for refunds and reservation changes for tickets
  • Accurately recalculate fares and taxes for reissues and refunds
  • Check past date fares and taxes and refer ADMs back to airline with regard to filing issues
  • Input the correct reason for issuance codes for MPDs
  • Check airline commission levels
  • Determine the correct validating carrier for ticketing
Focus on Agency Debit Memos Courses